You are what you eat

Today, I am skipping this blog post and redirecting you to my other blog, which I am launching this week and very excited about. It’s not all perfect and beautiful looking yet, but you can find my first article in there, and some nutrition principles and a recipe soon to come, for healthy eating habits. Research shows that what we eat not only affects our physical health, but also our mood and mental health. I have made the changes and benefitted from them, and am sharing about that at Will you join me?

The importance of community

I have not always been this passionate about community but when I moved to the States, almost 11 years ago, and had to start everything from scratch, I became sorely aware of the importance of having people in your life, whom you can count on. People you can celebrate life’s joys and successes with, and people you can reach out to when the going gets rough. I must say it has been a long and slow journey for me to reach a place where I could truly say that I have a meaningful community in my life. The truth is … Read more

How therapy can help your relationships

We all grow up with imperfect parents. Imperfect friends. Imperfect teachers… Our life circumstances will eventually, at some point, become jarring, wounding. Some will be wounded more than others, but all of us, at some point in our life, have had to experience the painful feeling of disappointment. That disappointment can come from feeling let down, abandoned, humiliated, shamed, abused, ridiculed, neglected, dismissed, etc…. It happens at some point during our childhood and can have a profound impact on how we then view the world and respond to it. Nature has equipped us with this amazing skill though, which I … Read more

Creating a bucket list

The fact that I am picking up this blog about three and a half years later is pretty revealing of the pace of my life over the last few years. It has been BUSY! Can anyone relate? How is your list of “to do things”? Is it getting longer, and harder to catch up with? Yeah, I’m right there with you! LIfe can easily get overwhelming as you get older and everything complexifies: kids, bigger jobs, house, responsibilities, inflation, health issues… and before you know it, you are caught in the rat race, just going through the motions and trying … Read more

Helping Kids Cope with Stress

We live in a world that is constantly changing and evolving. The medias talk about things that are scary, such as terrorism, war, natural disasters, court cases of child molesters? And your kids probably hear snippets of it here and there. Let alone, their life is made of constant transitions. Because they keep growing, they are constantly experiencing change: their body changes, their abilities and knowledge, their school grades, their classmates, their teacher?. As we know, kids need stability, consistency, and predictability. These things will provide them with a sense of safety and security. So what happens when things change … Read more

The role of a Father

Last month, we celebrated Father’s day. Something I’m still getting used to, as I grew up in a culture that didn’t make a big fuss about mother’s day and completely ignored father’s day. Somehow, I think this is a reflection of the way fathers have been perceived in our society, up until recently. I believe that up until my generation, fathers were considered and expected to be the providers and the disciplinarians. Their emotional involvement in their children’s life was minimal. It was the mom who knew what grade they were in, what projects they had in school and who … Read more

On being a Mom

Happy belated mother?s day! How was your day? Did you feel proud to be a mom? Were you celebrated? Honored? Thanked and appreciated for all the hard work you do daily for your family? I hope so. And how was the day after mother?s day? Back to the daily routine? Shouldn?t mother?s day be everyday? Being a mom is so much more than what could be remembered or celebrated in a day. So many moms try so hard to be good at this job, and struggle so much with doubts and insecurities, fears and sense of failure. Becoming a mom … Read more

Active listening

Just as every child is unique, every parent and every family is unique. Parenting methods multiply with the years going by, books on the subject compete with each other on library bookshelves. There are so many ways to raise a child, yet every parent, whether they are married, divorced, remarried, or an adoptive parent, can and should do this simple little thing that most of us forget: listen to their children. The verb ?to listen? can convey an impression of passivity. In this article however, I am not talking about the kind of listening that you do half-heartedly when your … Read more

Daddy’s Little Princess

            I have been struck lately, through circumstances of life, people I have met in my private life or in my office, movies I have watched and books I have read, by the role a father plays in his child?s life. More specifically, I have been pondering on this strange, difficult and complicated thing that is a father-daughter relationship.             Honestly, look around: do you see a lot of young women that can say they have a vibrant, secure, loving and close relationship with their dad? To me, such girls have always been a wonder. I have always looked at them with … Read more