My approach

"Just as our lungs are made to breathe oxygen, our souls are designed to flourish in an atmosphere rich in love and meaning, security and significance, intimacy and adventure"
John Eldredge

I believe therapy is a sacred ground where life’s greatest journey, the one you take within yourself, can take place. I consider it an honour and privilege to take part in my clients’ inner journey. I approach therapy from a collaborative and integrative standpoint, believing that mind, body and soul are connected.

As an emotionally focused couple’s therapist, I also believe that our relationships can be amazing opportunities for corrective experiences through emotional bonding and safe attachment with our partners. My focus is mostly on helping couples identify the negative dance they are caught into, access the more vulnerable emotions they feel when they are caught in that vicious cycle, and learn to dance a new dance by sharing with vulnerability and openness, rather than criticism and defensiveness, the deepest longings of their hearts for each other.

It would be an honour to walk with you on this path of healing, newfound safety and reconnection.